Can you experience Lent if you are not Catholic? Perhaps not, but you can give something up until Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday came sooner than I had anticipated, and the weather could not be more appropriate.

The blue skies and the warming sun mark the first day of March in the Queen City. It’s due to get up to seventy degrees today, and last night I slept with my window open. I could not be luckier to have this kind of weather for Spring Break. The first day of Spring is less than twenty days away. It’s almost time for skirts and cardigans, sandals and Spring vegetables.

In light of the refreshing weather I have decided to take part in my own “Lent”. I will be giving up chocolate, actually, all processed sugar, desserts, snacks, etc. My only indulgence will be honey for my morning yogurt. I am anxious, nervous and excited to see if I can be the master of my restraint. I will not dare hide my addiction to chocolate, or sugar in general. But, I believe that it’s time for a change.

I was humored this morning when I began to think of what others were giving up. When you look at other people’s indulgences and weaknesses, they can seems a little kooky. My muse is giving up Coca-Cola. The expression on his face when I emptied six cans that were still on my fridge was priceless. I love him because he keeps me honest, in just more ways than just with chocolate.

So here’s to fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and Greek Yogurt.


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