Moro, or blood oranges, are only in season for a short time during the Winter months, which makes them ever more of a delicasy to me. I don't know if I am more obessed with the sweetness or these beauties or the deep color that floods the flesh. They should be used just like a normal orange or citrus for that matter and have endless culinary possibilites.

While at the Teeter the other day, I saw a 2/$3.00 sign over bags of seven of these fruits. I was floored, excited, yet reserved. I was leaving for D.C. the next day and didn't know what I would do with fourteen blood oranges. But, the deal consumed me and I submitted to a purchase.
When I returned there they were, still on my counter, seeming to be waiting for me to devour them. This morning I cut deep into the skin of these beauties with my newly sharpened knives [xoxoxo Brian], to reveal the astounding color of the insides. I have had blood oranges before, but it seems that Sunkist yields more of a red color on the inside than any other producers.
Paired simply with Greek yogurt and wildflower honey, this is the true breakfast of champions.
Now I have thirteen of these jewels left and am open to any suggestions. Perhaps a moro sorbet?


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