I recently took a big step in my baking endeavors. During a recently lovely Thursday afternoon, after having mussels with my muse, I decided that I would bake him a cheesecake. I am not refering to the Jello "No Bake" Cheesecake. This cheesecake reqiured over an hour in the oven, over two hours to cool and more than three hours in the refridgerator. The crust was prepared from scratch using just graham cracker crumbs (processed in my NEW CuisinArt Food Processor), a pinch of sugar and alot of butter. The creamy filling started with 2.5 pounds of cream cheese and ended with a cup of sugar and six eggs, plus more yolks. So, was it worth it? Absolutely. The crust was thick on the bottom of a thick and condensed New York Style middle. It was not too rich and not to cream cheese like. For being my first, from scratch cheesecake, I was pretty impressed, as was my muse.


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