As the New Year is showing it's eager face from around the corner, I cannot help but to reflect on all of my new knowledge and discoveries this year. Not only have I had the pleasure of indulging in so many new tastes and smells, but I have acquired more kitchen equipment than I have time to list. I have come a long way in my knowledge of food and how to prepare it. I believe it was in June of July, I started to read more and more about food and cookbooks and basically anything I could get my hands on that offered any knowledge of the culinary world. In September, I decided to grow some ball, so to speak, and put what I learned to use. I have only had a handful of successes, but more so than the wonderful treats I have whipped up, I have a new weekly tradition of cooking for my "test dummy" Jason. Not only is he the best company I think I have ever had, but he is an honest critic when it comes to my preparations. Here are two lists, hopefully some things will be new to some too.

New Kitchen Equipment:
oxo Mandoline
Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer [my backbone]
x5 Francis!Francis! Illy espresso machine
microplane grater

New Tastes: Sea Bass
Red Snapper
Fois Gras
Honey Crisp Apple
Speghetti Squash


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