Not to sound so terribly cliche, but I love Saturdays. I feel like it is the one day of the week that I have completely to myself. I allow myself to sleep in until I wake up, with out an alarm of any kind, and then I make a fresh pot of perked coffee. After purchasing several coffee makers, all of which ended up with a funky taste, Ken turned me on to perked coffee. I'll never go back.
After coffee, I throw on some "normal" clothing, because I'm dressed up all week for school, and go grocery shopping. I doubt there is a feeling more wonderful that I have than the one that I get when I go grocery shopping on Saturday. For me, it's a treasure hunt for all the best produce. This morning I was saddened to find that the farmer's market is now closed for the year. It's the beginning of a dismal winter. Now, I'm left to search through Harris Teeters whose product is over priced [2.99 for a single red bell pepper, and that is on sale] and half the quality. The only place that I can find a semi-replacement is the Fresh Market, but I still shell out about a fourth of my earnings from the night before for wonderful honey crisp apples and gigando pomegranates.
Thing brings me to my next rant. Charlotte. This is a wonderful town that is expanding at every seam, but how is that we are not fortunate enough to have a Whole Foods Market. True, we are blessed to have a decent size Dean and Deluca, which my Mother reminds me of [that we are DAMN lucky to have]. But how do we not have a Whole Foods or a Zingermans or a Trader Joes. We certainly have the demand for it. This city is so full of organic food lovers and picky eaters. For now, we must suffice with Tally's - a joke of an organic grocer. But I guess, until that day comes, I'll special order and do without.

My FIRST homemade pumpkin pie.


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